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The Museum is the Home of the General and much much more!!
Welcome to www.locomotivegeneral.com Interactive Tour and Digital Photo Archive!

Our focus is the Civil War steam locomotive "General" and the history of the museum complex that has displayed this historic train for three generations. We are currently displaying over 600 images in an attempt to express the glory of the steam locomotive "General". Many of these images present the General's impact on our communty and the selfless, countless contributions made by individuals, government and the business sector that made it all possible. Our collection is a continuing project in digital history and is by no means complete.

Big Shanty Museum with a Cotton Patch, Cannon and Rebel Flag!The return of the "General" to Kennesaw was an exhilerating moment in our history. The struggle for possession of the world famous locomotive is a matter of public record and legend. On February 19th 1972, the General ceremoniously moved into the recently donated and renovated Frey Cotton Gin Building (next to the tracks in downtown Kennesaw) and was named the Big Shanty Museum "Home of the General". The "General" immediately became a source of civic pride and the focal point for community events and history. A continuous stream of visitors come to visit "Our Train" each leaving with lasting memories and a sense of past events, Civil War history and "The Great Locomotive Chase".

Kennesaw Museum in the 1990sIn the early 1990s, in an attempt to expand historical focus, the museum was renamed the "Kennesaw Civil War Museum". New exhibits were added to embrace this new theme. The Museum continued to provide education, entertainment and tourism to the community. It remained the focal point for annual festivals and a resource for the entire community. Over 20,000 visitors toured the museum yearly. In November of 2001 the Kennesaw Civil War Museum was closed and thus ended 29 years of Public service.

The Southern Museum
of Civil War & Locomotive History

Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History Construction 2000-2003The General has a new home....and what a home it is! After 8 years of planning, fund raising, and a massive 18 month construction project; The Southern Museum of Civil War & Locomotive History opened March 30th, 2003 with a 2 week long celebration!

The new museum is truly an awesome 40,000 square feet of world-class Civil War and Locomotive exhibits with a 4000 square foot rotating exhibit hall featuring Smithsonian Institution Affiliation Program traveling exhibits and a variety of select, special presentations. The new facility is beautifully designed and embellished with many interactive displays. The Civil War collections are amazing to behold and very informative to students and enthusiasts of all ages. The Glover Locomotive manufacturing exhibit is the most significant collection of its kind in America. The Great Locomotive Chase Galleries feature a wonderful $250,000 movie prodution depicting Andrews Raid which supports the steam locomotive "General" in a new very special way!

Many volunteers and contributions have helped to build and maintain the museum to the highest level of standards within the national and global historic society. An estimated 70,000 visitors will be awed and amazed in its first year.

The images and interactive exhibits of this website are meant to display the energy, fellowship and excitement always surrounding the "General" and the new museum!

We are confident that this spirit and source of community pride will continue to be embodied in the new museum complex and in the hearts and minds of Americans. We sincerely hope you enjoy our Interactive Tour and Photo Archives. Please understand the spirit in which it was composed.

New Museum opened March 30th 2003!The www.locomotivegeneral.com website is a colaborative effort between FerrisOne Enterprises and a group of volunteers, partners and friends. We appreciate the support and enthusiasm we recieved early on from the historical community. We have great expectations for the future and the new "Home of the General". We look forward to our digital adventures into Civil War history, community involvment and locomotive railroading.

All Aboard!!
Engineer Bob

Community Service Events Calendar Historical Focus
Little Genral Cloggers A Long Standing Tradition of Rail Events! E. Warren Clark Saved the General!

Portraits in Gray: A Civil War Photography Exhibition
Guest Curator David Vaughan lends his collection of rare original photographs of Confederate soldiers to help visitors get a glimpse of the men and boys involved in this tragic chapter of American history. July 14 Dec. 31, 2007. This exhibit is a part of the prestigious Smithsonian Institution Affiliation Program Exhibits.
E. Warren Clark
(on Cow Catcher) photographer and lecturer, located the "General" in 1892 on a siding at Vinings,GA. He had the idea of restoring "General" and exhibiting it at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. This led to "General" being on display for over 100 years!
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